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Island Hopping: Beer Facts

Island Hopping: Beer Facts Author: Staff *Ring in the New Year? The name "Kalik" is derived from the distinctive sound made by cowbells used as key instruments during the biannual Junkanoo parade, Bahamian festival held on Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year's Day each year.

*It's not your imagination that beer washes away the heat of spicy foods. Certain compounds in chile peppers are particularly alcohol-soluble, making even the lightest beer a much better fire extinguisher than water. *Beer labels marked with an X are showing their hand the marking is a sign of alcohol content. "XXX" beers are perversely strong, "XX" a little milder and "X" the softest.

*Cerveza, the Spanish word for beer, comes from Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture giving a nod to beer's divinely earthy qualities. *By definition, a micro-brewery produces no more than 15,000 barrels (465,000 gallons/1.77 million liters) of beer each year which means most of the Caribbean breweries are overqualified for that title.
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